The Workspend Way

We’re committed to excellence and driving value for our customers.  Our experienced team is empowered to continuously improve.  Ours is a progressive approach to your workforce challenges that embraces tech and process innovations but we never undervalue the importance of being a reliable and trusted partner.

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Workspend is a diverse supplier that provides organizations with an on-demand workforce.  Not the full-time employers, but the freelancers, experienced hands and specialists that you’ll need to adapt to new demands as your business ebbs and flows.  They’re no ordinary people.  But then, we’re no ordinary company.  Our methods, underpinned by technology, serve both mid-market and enterprise-level clients.  Working with Workspend will help you to achieve your strategic objectives by extending your reach into the global talent market and to know where the money goes.

We serve clients across the world. Being an international company ourselves means we connect organizations to a global talent pool, while we continue to provide local account management.  Our portfolio of services includes Advisory and Consulting Services (ACS), Independent Contractor Compliance (ICC), Employer of Record Services (EOR), Managed Services Provider (MSP), Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), and Payroll Process Outsourcing (PPO).


Dan Rothberg



VP – Sales


SVP – Operations


VP – Supplier Management


VP and Head of SCOE


Legal Manager

Diversity and Fairness

As a woman and minority-owned business we’re proud to expand the diversity spend opportunities of our clients and channel partners. As an MSP, Workspend’s success is largely determined by the effectiveness of its talent supply chain. Our diversity initiative seeks to attract and foster strong relationships with staffing suppliers capable of not only providing diversity spend, but for providing value that is heads-and-shoulders above that of other providers.
We also pride ourselves in our ability to attract and retain a diverse workforce that is a reflection of the needs of our clients and of the marketplace at large. Diversity is a key component of our corporate culture, as is evidenced by the fact that our leadership team and workforce is highly diverse.

Industry Associations

Our results are driven by an unquenchable determination to continuously improve


Driving Value

Workspend has always achieved success in its market by achieving bigger economies and talent results than our larger rivals. We offer a uniquely tailored and modularized service underpinned by a flexible on-premise / on-shore / off-shore operational delivery model that delivers cashable economies for our customers.  You only need speak to some of our existing customers to get to know what we mean by ‘value-driven.’


We help clients achieve their strategic business objectives by enabling them to gain access to global talent sources, developing data-rich insights into their global workforce, and by gaining control over their global labor spend.


We encourage leadership and accountability at every level of our organization.  It empowers our team to achieve above and beyond results, always be prepared to make suggestions and go the extra mile for our customers.

Committed to Excellence

We’re committed to excellence in everything we do, from first contact, through to our Quarterly Business Reviews that focus on value-for-money, economies, and smarter working.

Continuous Improvement

It’s when things are going well that you need to challenge the norm.  Settling for mediocrity can become a state of mind.  That never happens on our watch.  It takes a willingness to call into question whether the results we see today, are the best they can be tomorrow.

Why Empowerment Matters

We believe every human being can benefit from the purpose, passion, and self-belief that comes from earning a living wage, and that they should have a fair opportunity to do so.

A place where people with a passion for people can help them to find work-life success..

…working with people who share in our progressive approach to embracing new methods and tools

…creating an organization that exists to change the world of work for the better!

We’re Gold Sponsors of Social Joy

We’re GOLD SPONSORS of SocialJoy, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting positive work-life experiences. Programs include Woman in IT, Career Mentoring, the promotion of Fairness and Diversity in the workplace.

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