The Workspend Way

We’re committed to excellence and driving value for our customers. 

Who We Are

Workspend is a diverse supplier that provides organizations with an on-demand workforce.  Not the full-time employers, but the freelancers, experienced hands and specialists that you’ll need to adapt to new demands as your business ebbs and flows. They’re no ordinary people.  But then, we’re no ordinary company.  Our methods, underpinned by technology, serve both mid-market and enterprise-level clients.  Working with Workspend will help you to achieve your strategic objectives by extending your reach into the global talent market and to know where the money goes.

Our experienced team is empowered to continuously improve. Ours is a progressive approach to your workforce challenges that embraces tech and process innovations but we never undervalue the importance of being a reliable and trusted partner.

We serve clients across the world. Being an international company ourselves means we connect organizations to a global talent pool, while we continue to provide local account management.  Our portfolio of services includes Advisory and Consulting Services (ACS), Independent Contractor Compliance (ICC), Employer of Record Services (EOR), Managed Services Provider (MSP), Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), and Payroll Process Outsourcing (PPO).

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