Managed Direct Sourcing

 Workspend’s Managed Direct Sourcing approach tackles the underlying challenges that prevent Direct Sourcing from being an effective way to source contingent workforce talent in the most cost effective way.

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What is it? 

DIRECT SOURCING happens when an organization promotes jobs and openings online via a portal and publishes to social media sites, thereby leveraging its branding and ‘going direct to potential candidates.’ It’s an approach to finding the contingent and freelance talent you need made possible by modern cloud software technologies without having to pay staffing agency fees.   

The basic instruments of Direct Sourcing are a Job Board, Social Media sites (such as Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook company pages), application vetting and processing software, candidate testing tools, and an addressable talent pool made up of past workers, applicants to previously posted roles, and anyone who’s shown an interest in working for your organization.

Thousands of companies have the opportunity to leverage Direct Sourcing because their brand is sufficiently attractive to potential candidates.  That said, it’s not easy to get right.  Even if you know how to fashion the building blocks of technology into a coherent and automated system, technology itself doesn’t result in great applicants.

However small, there will always be a human factor to finding and selecting candidates.  And at Workspend, we’ve been helping organizations to find the hardest-to-reach talent they need for a decade. 

How does it work?

Managed Direct Sourcing is a program to make DIRECT SOURCING work that’s built up of a series of necessary technology and service components.


Managed  Direct Sourcing (MDS) is a hybrid talent acquisition approach that blends a Direct Sourcing technology ecosystem and ethos with Advisory and Employer of Record services.  It means organizations can install an effective way of harvesting talent from their online presence without implementation or operational overheads.


How do you know you need Managed Direct Sourcing?

You are keen to leverage your brand to publish jobs to social media groups and to harness applicants from your directly addressable talent pools (including your alumni and past applicants)

You have adopted technology such as micro-site, statement-of-work and job board operations but the quality of applicants is poor and you’re convinced you’re doing something wrong

The level of open vacancies has not been greatly impacted by your direct sourcing initiative

You lack the resources to maximize the potential of direct sourcing in your business


Few could argue that the talent industry is fundamentally broken: Millions of open vacancies exist on the books of organizations everywhere, and yet, around the world, there are millions of people without work. Generally, the challenge is not the absence of talent, but the absence of a bridge between ‘seekers of talent’ and the ‘solvers.’ Digital platforms offer the promise to create smarter ways to bring seekers and solvers’ together with less friction, cost, or lost time. Direct Sourcing is one of those new mechanisms.


Social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook open up a new channel of communication between people looking to find employment (or work) and organizations looking to get jobs done. While Job Boards and Talent Markets are in themselves nothing particularly new to the talent industry, creating an effective ‘talent engine’ to get work done at the right price and at the right time, to the right quality still evades most businesses.