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All suppliers deliver value in different ways.  In the case of Workspend, we’re a diverse supplier and we help large-enterprise and fast-growth businesses to resource their on-demand jobs in smarter ways.  Today, there are so many ways to get jobs done, and plenty of staffing partners with access to the best-fit talent you need.  Our role is to map the most appropriate talent solution to suit your workforce needs – delivering contingent workforce results.

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You’ll find everything we do is underpinned by an above and beyond customer experience, a faster time-to-value commitment, and a commitment to excellence driven by a thirst for continuous improvement.

People have always been important to businesses.  That hasn’t changed.  But what has changed is the pace of change in markets and therefore business models.  It means your organization must find a different blend of skills almost every year. The ability to shape supply-chain and workforce to ‘get the jobs done’ today makes the difference between fast growth businesses and those left behind.   Explore our services below to learn how we can help.

TaskForce Program Management

Post COVID-19, many organizations will have to re-visit their talent needs and look to fill urgent gaps in their resourcing.  It’s difficult for hard-pressed internal HR and recruitment team to react, principally because of the other overheads they face.   This is where WORKSPEND’s Taskforce PMO program comes in. It takes the concept of a Contingent Workforce Program Management Office (PMO) a stage further by equipping organizations with an advisory-led rapid-response team that’s able to bring instant oversight to large-scale talent projects in response to exceptional circumstances.

Managed Service Provider

WORKSPEND has evolved its Managed Service Provider (MSP) offering to be more economic, flexible, modular and built-to-fit. We’ve achieved this by blending best-in-class technology – to automate many of the largely manual data processing tasks – with a novel onsite, offsite, and offshore resourcing approach.  It’s about doing MSP YOUR WAY.  We deliver the same uncompromising levels of MSP service delivery performance but with a lower operating cost base. The economies we achieve in the back-office, and through automation, we pass on to our customers in the form of reduced fees.  In addition to our FULL white-glove service, we also offer LITE and SELF-SERVICE MSP variants.


Organization’s seeking an external partner to handle all or part of their recruitment related functions use Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) to transform their talent acquisition function into a unique hiring and candidate experience.

Workspend’s RPO solution can easily be tailored and calibrated to address your company’s strategic workforce goals, both near- and long-term. Scaling the solution up or down depending on your needs is part of the package.


Organizations seeking an external partner to handle all or part of their payroll-related functions use Workspend’s Payroll Process Outsourcing (PPO) service offerings to drive risk, time, and cost out of the process. Workspend offers payroll administration and processing services for both full-time and contingent labor categories. Our PPO solution can easily be tailored and calibrated to address your company’s strategic payroll needs, both near- and long-term. Scaling the solution up or down depending on your needs is part of the package.


Total Talent Management (TTM) describes the implementing a uniform operational behavior to evaluate talent needs, design, operate, and review talent operations in such a way that combines all available sourcing options.  These may include full-time employment, contingent workforce, gig working, tech automation, and micro-task outsourcing options.  Our approach is about managing and resourcing change to transform your talent acquisition capability by embracing a holistic approach to talent sourcing that begins in the boardroom. 


Direct Sourcing describes the activity of an enterprise to harvest the talent pool formed by its internal recruiting activities and brand reach to source contingent and gig workers.  This talent pool includes people who’ve approached an organization through its social media presence, former employees, retirees or applications within the company’s own applicant tracking system.  Managed  Direct Sourcing (MDS) is a hybrid talent acquisition approach that blends a Direct Sourcing technology ecosystem and ethos with Employer of Record services.  It means organizations can install an effective way of harvesting talent from their online presence without implementation or operational overheads.

 The quickest way to learn about how to source the best talent on your terms is to listen to the best of the best. 

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