Talent Innovation

Workspend is a global leader in providing innovative talent supply chain solutions to both mid-market and enterprise-level clients. We help our clients achieve their strategic business objectives by enabling them to gain access to global talent sources, developing data-rich insights into their global workforce, and by gaining control over their global labor spend.

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It’s about achieving more, with less.

Our advisory-led approach delivers low-cost and sustainable talent acquisition solutions

Workspend’s user-centric approach to managed services is our calling card.  Whether our Advisory Services team is working with a client through our unique approach to implementation, solving complex service delivery challenges, or leveraging the power of our global Strategic Center of Operational Excellence, Workspend’s aim of working with clients to optimize their non-employee workforce is focused and unwavering.


 Design thinking seeks to understand the pain of the end user and address this pain from a human-centric perspective. It is often applied in creative functions like website design and UI/UX design; however, Workspend has adopted and implemented design thinking within their solution delivery methodology as a means of championing the customer experience.


Workspend has built a Strategic Center of Operational Excellence (SCOE), which houses a program office, project managers, consultants, operational experts (both technical and administrative), technologists, and data science personnel, all focused in the area of contingent workforce management.


Workspend’s service infrastructure – from its people, processes, and technology – takes a holistic, consultative, and design-based approach to MSP program implementations. Nowadays, the entire talent supply chain (talent suppliers, MSPs, clients, technology providers) must be incorporated into the project and operational plan as it adds additional layers of complexity to the contingent workforce program.


An embedded solution to gain visibility into your organizations compliance, led by analytics and continuous innovation is the front door to the new world of work and surviving the moment’s notice changes the evolving talent landscape present. We select from a strong network of open, dynamic, and functional technology providers to offer market-leading solutions that optimize the channels available to engage talent and offer more sourcing solutions.