Technology Ecosystem

Progressive technology solutions to manage a flexible workforce


In today’s market where technology is evolving at a unprecedented pace, it is more important than ever that firms leverage these solutions within the buy or build model of talent sourcing, such as candidate job-matching enabled by artificial intelligence or up-skilling workers via cloud-based platforms. Having the ability to select from a strong network of open, dynamic, and functional technology providers allows us to offer our customers market-leading solutions that optimize the channels available to engage talent and to innovate around the way we source talent. 

At Workspend, we’ve invested time and resources – and continue to do so- to research, test, and together with partners within our technology ecosystem, develop and deploy new processes and technology to increase business agility and create new forms of value. Our primary role in this respect is to be a trusted partner to advise our clients and suppliers on the best available solutions to meet their objectives. 

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